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Note from the Director

This is it! We are pleased to present the new Project:Society site. After three months of work, Projet de société takes another decisive step. will evolve in the days, weeks, and months to come to be completed in November 2018! There are still some kinks to work out and as such we ask for some patience during our first month to correct errors and make adjustments.


The Project:Society initiative, whose preamble was published on May 1st in l'express, is a citizen-driven initiative to build the Mauritian republic we all dream of. To date we have published more than half of the twenty-five issues. The remaining ones are on the program until mid-October 2018 for the launch on November 7, 2018 of the "Cahiers des Problématiques"

The Projet de Société initiative is responsible, serious, profound, and positive. It is a reflection-debate that will spread over more than two years. The Project is available in various media - paper with "Cahiers des Problématiques", digital - this site, and on the ground through the forums, in partnership with the défimédias group, and other possible meetings.

Thank you to those who participated and contributed already with interesting reflections, questions, ideas and relevant proposals. This new site should facilitate respectful interaction and exchanges.
This site also aims to become a citizen-based digital platform for collective reflection where every citizen / group of citizens, NGOs and other forums can make their contributions in various forms. It is a platform for sharing information, analysis, ideas, reflections, and experiences. The future will be found in sharing and collaboration.

-Malenn Oodiah

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