A Cultural Revolution

Our society today suffers from a serious problem of mentalities, attitudes, behaviors and practices. Yes, basically we are experiencing a crisis of meaning with the core question of values at heart. We are all concerned, all of us. Starting with the young! Let's be the change we want to see in the world because change must come from within each of us so that we all move forward together.

A change in our state of mind is imperative! Hence this need for a cultural revolution. Cultural revolution means first opening our minds to enrich each other and to seize multiple opportunities for the purpose of personal and collective fulfillment. It's about cultivating one's mind, one's intelligence, learning, enriching one's knowledge during this pivotal period, this major historical transition. We are in an in-between. Gramsci wrote: "The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old one dies and the new one cannot be born."

The interregnum, or in-between, is played between a past that does not want to die, with its certainty, its comfort - sometimes lazy - its intellectual inertia, its inability to understand the new dynamics and their reach and who clings to the force of habit. And the new, vital necessity, which seeks itself, which is in its infancy and trial and error. Yesterday's recipes are not the answer. This transition takes place against the backdrop of the failure of neoliberalism to carry any social project. The debate now focuses on the options of tomorrow's model of society.

Globalization, digital revolution and openness

During the last thirty years, Mauritian society has undergone significant pressures and has undergone profound transformations, socio-economic and ideological changes. There were the years 1982-1992 where the current societal dynamics were already present. The state, the social actors of development in their respective organizations and institutions and society have been impacted more or less seriously and have had real difficulties in adapting to the "conservative revolution" begun in 1983. Our society has undergone a transformation of the ideological landscape with the eruption of individualism and selfishness creating an atmosphere of ‘everything for the ego’. However, we need to consider that there is a form of individualism, the expression of a need to blossom out of fixed and arrested frames, which constitutes a positive value.

The resilience of our economy in the face of the financial crisis of 2008 has resulted into a ‘forward escape’ with our "business as usual" that will catch up eventually, if it has not already done so. Beware development that results in spatio-social segregation while the future lies in an inclusive society. There is some way to go so as to agree on the nature of an intelligent opening to the world through which to realize our common destiny.

Since the 1990s, Mauritius has been experiencing the impact of new technologies with the advent of the internet and is currently seeking its position in the digital continent. Defying the notion of space and time, the digital world of cyber space and virtual communities is revolutionizing social relations. This "democratic" space that social networks welcome is very revealing of the old and new logics that work the world and societies; Logic made of opportunities, drifts and dangers. For example, some studies argue that on Facebook, 90% of the content is focused on negatives, and that of course has an effort on the people on the receiving end of this content. Many ideas and proposals to prevent these dangers and threats have been put forward. The cultural revolution must therefore also invest the digital continent.

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